Aruze Memoir Part 1

Latasha Williams

Posted on July 13 2016

Aruze Memoir Part 1

Today's blog is a little bit different. I wanted to share some fun and molding memories growing up. We grew up in a small town, but in grade school would catch bus 77 to outskirts of town, we called  " nine fork." There, my sister and I played in clay dirt and rode our used bikes, my aunt spray painted red and grey to cover the rust. My grandpa would cook chicken straight from the coop, nothing like what we buy at the store.

      I remember aloe from the aloe vera plants used to sooth our burns, picking figs from the fig tree to make preserves for our homemade biscuits, which would feed us for weeks, as long as we had flour, water, and Crisco. Lol!  I remember going to church every Sunday, even when pretending to be sick. I remember walking down the streets without fear in the world as long as we got home before dark. I remember hot summers picking and shelling peas and putting them away for winter. I remember greasing my Rose Lee (great-grandmother) scalp and helping her mix her evening Metamucil . I remember yes mam and no mam. I remember sleeping with the windows up. Hopscotch and hide and seek were the games of choice. I will never forget where I came from and the hand full of people that it took to help raise us.

I often wonder. . .

Where did that time go and will I ever see it again? A time of respect, a time of innocents. Where will our kids hide and who will seek? Oh my where did the time go. . ? When our kids ask to walk to the corner store, will we let them and  if we do when will we exhale. Oh my, where did it go. . . .?



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