More FAQs About Fashion at Work

Angela Marsh

Posted on December 06 2018

More FAQs About Fashion at Work


In a previous post, we looked at some of the most frequently asked questions about fashion at work. With the workplace landscape changing so much in the past decade, it may be difficult to know what is appropriate from one business to the next. While shoulder pads are no longer in style, and will hopefully never return, neither are pajamas or raggedy gym clothes acceptable attire at work. Aruze wants to provide you with the latest fashions that match your style, and will also work in the office, at home, or at play. Shop our online store to find the right pieces for you.

1.Can I wear sneakers to work?

Unless your job is one where you are on your feet for most of the day, or you actively move from one place to another throughout the day, you should avoid wearing sneakers to work. Athletic footwear is far too casual for most businesses, even with the business casual dress code to which most employers adhere. If you’re not sure, take some time during your interview, or throughout the day at work, and make a mental note of the footwear that you see other employees wearing. This will be a helpful tool for you to gauge just how casual is too casual.

2. What about flip-flops?

There are very few businesses that would ever condone true flip flops. While women’s fashion has taken the lowly flip-flop to new heights, sometimes literally, the sandals you wore to the beach are definitely not appropriate to wear to work. If they’re made out of rubber and they slap the pavement when you walk, you probably want to rethink the decision to wear them to work. Save them for the evenings and weekends when you can truly unwind.

3. Do people mind if my shoes are loud?

Sometimes it’s not the shoes that are loud, but the gait of the person wearing them. If you notice that you tend to walk with a heavy foot, then you may want to think twice about wearing shoes that make “clik-clak” noises when you walk. If possible, walk on the carpet as much as you can, or wear shoes that have rubber or synthetic soles. Loud shoes are not necessarily a fashion faux-pas, but they can draw unwanted stares from annoyed coworkers.

4. Can I wear shirts with messages?

While the culture of your workplace will determine if you can wear t-shirts, you always want to tread carefully when it comes to shirts that have messages that are political statements, religious references, or crude jokes. You will most likely offend someone in your office, and if your position is client-facing, then you are functioning as a representative of your employer. As their representative, they have the right to dictate what is appropriate or inappropriate to wear to work.

With so many options to wear to work, and a variety of employee dress codes, deciding how to dress for the workplace can be challenging. When in doubt, ask another employee whose opinion you trust, or simply look around to use what others are wearing as your guide. Be sure to browse our online store at Aruze and find your new favorites for work!

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